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About Infernum Mode
Calamity Mod Infernum Mode is an addon mod for the Calamity Mod which introduces an extra difficulty, Infernum Mode.

Infernum is intended to be harder than Death Mode and can be activated via the Calamity difficulty selection UI. It is balanced around Expert Mode, and thus can only be activated in Expert worlds.

The primary focus of the mod is expansive reworking of boss AIs across Terraria and Calamity, along with the addition of other exclusive content including new achievements, biomes, and weapons.

This mod and its assets are source-available. Though this content is viewable and usable as a reference by anyone, only small, non-specific parts of the code may be reused and only with express permission from the mod's creators.

Please do note that some of the subworld-exclusive content may not be accessible in multiplayer. Although most other aspects of this mod are multiplayer compatible, Infernum is designed around being a single-player experience, and certain parts may not function properly in multiplayer.
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Latest Releases
Source code

Mechanics and Support Calamity and Terraria changes Acquisition of Abyss items  •  Rage and Adrenaline tweaks  •  Altered world-generation  •  Boss Rush  •  Rebalanced items
Infernum mechanics Death Wishes  •  Dev Wishes  •  Infinite flight  •  Boss health bar
Player resources Mod Calls  •  Credits  •  Manually enabling Master and FTW compatibility  •  Music
FAQs for mod conflicts, errors, and bugs Terminus absence from the Abyss  •  Faulty world generation  •  Profaned Bosses-related issues